Cordelia Gibbs

Cordelia Gibbs was brought up on a Merino Sheep stud and carries a connection to country Australia, as well as the origin of materials. She began studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Fashion in 2010, graduating in 2013 before completing her Honours degree in 2014.

Cordelia’s graduate collection A Life in Wool was presented at Curtin’s 2013 Fashion Graduate show NAKEDMINDS, where it received two industry prizes. A Life in Wool was shown at the 2014 Australian Wool Fashion Awards where Cordelia was awarded the winner of the ‘Young Designer’ category and the ‘Supreme Champion’ of 2014. This opportunity has seen the collection take part in a national tour with TAWFA and be featured in a number of state and national media. The collection was also exhibited in Innovo: Conventions Undone and Telstra Perth Fashion Festival (TPFF) 2014 fashion exhibition Fashioning Forms: The Craft of Making. Four designs were selected to be a part of TPFF’s Future Runway, where Cordelia was awarded the winner for ‘Eco Design’.

Cordelia’s 2014 Collection, Behind the Front Line, was submitted along with a Thesis for completion of her Honours degree and has since been involved in a number of fashion shows and exhibitions. The menswear collection, which investigates the cultural connection to wool in Colonial Australia, was featured in the Djurra Walk for Water and PR in Fashion, and was a finalist in The 2015 Australian Wool Fashion Awards. The work was also featured in Fashion[ing] Wool at Enex100 and presented at Curtin University’s Fashion Tank with Jimmy Choo.

After being awarded the winner for Fairly Fashionable in 2015, Cordelia was offered the opportunity to produce the Summer 2015/16 menswear collection for Anjel Ms. Following this, Cordelia was offered a position as designer for Anjel Ms, continuing the relationship in 2016 with ‘Cordelia Gibbs for Anjel Ms’.



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The Stitching Project

The Stitching Project is dedicated to making fine textile products. Based in rural India, our style is a little bit ethnic and a lot contemporary. They also produce quality hand worked homewares, garments, quilts and craft supplies and special orders for private customers.

The Stitching Project is a social enterprise; that is a business dedicated to producing quality work, which will contribute to the ambience of the purchasers’ environment whilst contributing fairly to the livelihood of the producers. They are a big bustling team of people working together for the benefit of all here to make lovely things for customers.


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Rachel Doller

Rachel Doller is a mixed media artist based in Fremantle, Western Australia. With bold use of shape, texture and colour, Rachel’s works are abstract with a strong graphic feel.

From considered compositions to experimental arrangements, Rachel aims to investigate the relationships between the visual elements of shape, texture and colour, and show how natural textures, man-made surfaces and geometric shapes can work harmoniously together. 

Rachel’s artworks feature a variety of media including acrylic paint, cut paper, digital print, photography and printmaking. She is inspired by her surrounds: the beach, the bush and our urban landscape. 

Rachel graduated with a Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design) from RMIT in 2000 and has worked as a Graphic Designer in Melbourne, Edinburgh & Perth for over 15 years. 

When Rachel and her husband moved to Perth in 2014 she returned to her visual art practice and has found a true connection to not only her environment but to the local community.



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Instagram: @rachel.doller